How Would You Describe Your Online Marketing Results?


1. Wildly successful, things couldn’t be better! 
2. Okay, a few sales here and there, but…
3. Frustrating, sales need to improve – NOW!

Truth is, many online businesses are stuck between 2. and 3.


Sure, you have a clear picture of what you want…


You dream of a growing base of customers eager to get their hands on your product or service. And yes – you know your product is good. The offer provides real value to the consumer. Buyers should be flocking in droves for your stuff. In return for the sale, you expect to earn a fair profit.But up to now the sales are not as good as you had expected.

And then the same thoughts return, swirling around in your head;

        “Gosh, this was supposed to be a more profitable venture.”
       “There should be more prospects converting to customers.”
       “Why isn’t this working…there must be a faster and easier way. But how?”

What should you do to drive up sales from potential and existing customers?

        Offer a better discount?
        More pay advertisements?
        Change the website…again?

There are many online options available today to market your business products. With so many choices, it is often difficult to pick the most effective approach.

One of the quickest and easiest methods proven to work today is the use of an autoresponder.

What’s that?

An autoresponder is simply an online tool used to deliver a series of emails sent to prospective or existing customers with the specific purpose of getting a click through to the next step of a sales funnel. These messages are typically sent to a prospect list; those that have responded to a free or special offer in exchange for their email address.

This list of current and prospective clients is one of the most valuable resources your business possesses. In order to succeed, you must continuously attract new prospects; qualified folks who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. This ongoing “lead-generation” campaign is critical to the future of your business.

You don’t have a good prospect list?

I can help you build one.

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More Sales Using Virtually Irresistible Emails

Successful emails get opened, read, and inspire action. The click, which is the goal of the email, sends the reader to a sales or landing page, or any other destination designed to move the prospect closer towards purchasing your product or service.

My messages do just that. They start with an intriguing subject line. One that gets opened quickly. And this is just the beginning. The first lines of the email continue to hold the attention of the reader…pulling them gently along to the desired action, the click through to the next step.

Well crafted marketing emails work. And a good autoresponder series is the proven delivery system .

Remember this, if you’re not using an autoresponder to increase sales, your competition will!

Does your marketing include a successful autoresponder program?

It should…

Virtually all of the top online entrepreneurs and marketers today use autoresponders.

Research shows that a well structured autoresponder campaign increases your exposure to your prospects. This periodic contact with them leads to higher sales. And not just one time. These new customers are more likely to buy from you again and again.

I can help you build a successful autoresponder program. I specialize in providing emails that gets opened, read, and clicked through to your sales message.

Increase Sales When Your Customers Get To Know And Trust You

Today, online sales is no longer simply a matter of putting up a decent website and waiting for the orders to pour in. Even with the most compelling product, marketing is a must. And before the sale, you must first gain the trust of the prospect.

A connection needs to be made.

My email messages are structured to establish and build this all important relationship.

First, before writing anything, I research the likely buyers, who they are, what they want, and gain an understanding of what kind of language they use when searching to buy your product. This is essential.

Some basic questions must be answered: What is the gender breakdown and age groups of likely buyers? What benefits and features in a product like yours are most important to them?

And more…

This presents a good foundation upon which to craft a message your prospects can relate to and trust.

Building a relationship with potential buyers using emails is a lot like dating. Go too fast here and you’re going to get rejected. And many leads must be nurtured before they decide to take the next step.

Autoresponders, a series of emails, strategically spaced over time, are typically needed to finally get a click through and ultimately, the sale. Your business will soar with an effective autoresponder component in your marketing plan.

Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you grow your online business using autoresponders.

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P.S. If you already have an effective autoresponder series with a high open rate, but are not converting the click throughs successfully to sales, there may be something else going on. Perhaps a slight tweak is all that is needed. Or maybe it is a bigger problem. The cause is often found in some aspect of the website.

As an introduction to my services, I offer a free review of your website Homepage. It covers all of the elements evaluated in a full website audit. This is offered with no strings attached, as my gift to you just for trying my services. You got everything to gain…and nothing to lose.

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