Brew Batch 3: Citra DIPA – January 29, 2018

This third batch was intended to be a clone of the Kern River Brewing Company Citra DIPA. Moving up to the next level, this batch did not use an extract kit. This would be our first attempt at an all grain recipe. But we did not have a mash tun. I was delighted to descover after reading some posts and watching a few videos, it is possible to brew without a tun. The technique is called “Brew in a bag” technique, aka. BIAB.

The advantage of a BIAB mash is that you don’t need a separate mash tun. After reaching the mash strike temperature, a large bag is dropped into the hot water kettle. The bag contains all the recipe milled grains. You simply let the grains soak at the strike temperature for the specified mash time before pulling out the bag. You are then ready for the boil.

Ingredients required for Citra DIPA:

And the directions followed to brew the beer:

The beer was somewhat a disappointment to me at first. While it was not green, it did not have the full body taste of a double IPA. Started drinking it after two weeks conditioning with the sugar primer and co2 carbination. It probably needed another 1.5 weeks as it got better with age.


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