Brew Batch 2: Pliney the Elder – December 22, 2017

After a frustrating first brew experience using dry yeast, we were determined to correct the mistake. This time, a yeast starter was going to be created so the fermentation would properly complete. As result, the beer would not be green. That was the plan…

So I waited and waited on the “MoreBeer” site, checking each day for the “Pliney the Elder Clone Extract Kit” to go on sale. When the day came and the kit arrived, a brew date was set. December 22, 2017.

In addition to using a yeast starter, I had also acquired a converted 15 gallon kettle for brewing. This larger size container for a 5 gallon batch would provide the excess space needed to eliminate the boil-overs we had with the first batch.

We simply followed the step-by-step instructions that came with the More Beer kit:

The recipe was followed to a “T”, and the results were an outstanding replica of the Pliney the Elder DIPA. Yet during this brew, we did not have or use a hydrometer to measure specific gravity. Yet I can tell you that it was clearly a DIPA. And no green taste. A decisive success over our first attempt.

But there was a new problem…

A 5 gallon fermentor was used for this batch. This gave very little room for the batch to breath during fermentation. And since we pitched a yeast starter instead of the dry powder, things erupted the second day!

5 gallon batch in 5 gallon fermenter

I was out of town for Christmas and only had a camera feed to witness the volcano until I could return home. What a mess, The gue flowed out way past the airlock. But it was a sure sign of good fermentation activity.

Next time, we will use a bigger fermenting container.

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