Brew Batch 6: Doghead Fish 90 minute IPA -October 19, 2018

Mash Tun

I read several blog on how to setup a 10 gallon insulated water container as a mash tun, which is what I did before starting this brew session.

This was my first time using my homemade 10 gallon insulated water container as a Mash Tun. Results were less than ideal as the mash quickly became stuck in the stainless steel braided tubing. it was very difficult to sparge, obviously reducing the efficiency and strength of the final wort soon to be boiled.

Final Gravity weighed in at 1.004. That makes the calculated ABV 6.7%. I always use the final gravity check to assess the taste of the brew. This one has a distinctive bitter/hoppy flavor. The hops just roll off the sides of your tongue and lingure. It will be interesting to observe how much it changes during the dry hop and conditioning.


A small sample before bottling 6 22 oz. containers and keging the rest confirmed my initially assessment. This will be a hoppy beer but not as strong as planned.

Finished Product

This beer was truely delightful to consume. It had a great hoppy bite that everyone that sampled the batch enjoyed.

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