Brew Batch 7: Zythos IPA – March 22, 2019

This batch was a recipe kit acquired from This is the first all-grain brew attempted using my revised mash tun. The braided steel loop used to extract the mash liquid has been replaced with a false bottom. This was a necessary change from my last batch which had a stuck mash when the braided steel contracted and severly slowed the wort flow. Another change in my equipment is an added thermometer to the fermentor.

The false bottom tun worked great! Very easy to rinse the grains. But there was a problem with the thermometer in the fermenter. The morning after pitching the yeast, a small puddle had formed around the fermenter. The thermometer, added to the bottom screw-on cap, was leaking!

The wort was transfered to a bucket and the fermentor was cleaned and sanatized with the original valve replacing the leaking thermometer setup.

This ended up cleaning more of the trub sediment, resulting in a somewhat cleaner finished product.



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